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1 TB Space Now Available on My Google Drive

icon-Google-DriveI had mentioned in my post describing my visit to Google Fiber Space, that a representative there initiated the process of determining why I did not have access to my full 1 TB on Google Drive.

Well, a Google Fiber team member contacted me today to let me know that my Google Drive had been updated to 1 TB, and asked me to check my account to verify. I checked my account, and, sure enough, I now have 1029 GB storage space!

Even though I’m on the schedule to have Google Fiber installed in spring 2013, I figure it is not too early to think about how I’m going to use the space. It may sound miniscule, but I will probably start by storing and organizing my most often used website icons there.

That will give me the chance to start with something small, and determine if I’m going to organize my Drive storage by computer name, or by item category. I’m leaning towards item category, since I need to start changing my way of thinking about storage as a location on a home network, since everything will be stored in the cloud now.

Since Google Fiber will be so fast, it will be a snap to change things and move them around, after it is installed.



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