Sunday, March 24, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Under Armour Commercial – Rule Yourself, featuring Misty...

Under Armour commercial behind the scenes video, with thoughts verbalized by Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland Under Armour Commercial – Rule Yourself

Description: You are the sum of all your training. #RuleYourself #IWILL

BMW i3 – “Newfangled Idea”

As they were with the internet in 1994, 21 years later, Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric are confused by yet another "Newfangled Idea”.

Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles – Picky Eater – TV Commercial

Kellogg's Eggo Waffles "Picky Eater" TV Commercial (Can't Touch This!)

Misty Copeland Under Armour Commercial – I WILL WHAT I WANT

Inspiring Under Armour commercial, featuring Misty Copleland, with the message that, despite convention, you can be what you want.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split featuring Van Damme

This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering -- a world first technology that makes...

Hump Day GEICO Commercial: CBS News – Behind the Scenes with...

CBS This Morning - A short segment on the GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial's success.

GEICO Hump Day Commercial

Caleb the camel annoys his co-workers on Wednesday!