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Changed MacBook Pro OSX DNS Setting Back To The Default Setting

Back in October 2012, I started getting the “Firefox can’t find the server at…” message, so I changed my MacBook Pro settings to use OpenDNS, which solved the problem.

Until today, I had forgotten that I changed the DNS setting, until I got that message for the first time using OpenDNS, so, now that I have Google Fiber, I switched back to using the default DNS Setting.  To do this, I:

Opened System Preferences | Network. Clicked on Advanced…(In the bottom right hand corner)

Clicked on DNS, and removed the two OpenDNS ip addresses that I had added in October:

Then, OSX automatically reverted back to the single default address.

Shortly after doing this, I got a browser message that the computer was not on the internet, so I went back into System Preferences | Network, and selected my home network.



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