Error When Activating Macromedia Products


In the post Preparing An Old Gateway Computer for Google Fiber, I had reformatted the hard drive, and removed all of the software from the computer. Today, I decided to reinstall Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004, and, when I entered the serial number to activate the product, I got a message stating that Fireworks was unable to connect to the internet.

I checked my Windows XP Firewall settings, turned it off, and still got the same message. With the software being so old, I first thought the problem might be related to possible new technology in the Google Fiber setup, but then I decided to try an internet search and found the solution on a page on the Adobe website.

The page stated that Adobe had disabled the activation server for several Macromedia branded products, and it listed new product serial numbers. When I entered the serial number provided for Fireworks, it activated with no problems. A link to the page follows:

Error: Unable to activate | Macromedia products

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