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Fences is a Must See Film!

Whether you have seen the stage version of August Wilson’s Fences or not, the film version is a must see! At the beginning of the film I wondered if it would keep my attention since the stage production was still fresh in my mind. The movie did more than just keep my attention, the characters pulled me in to 1950s Pittsburgh and the home of the Maxson family.

My biggest surprise as the film credits rolled at the end was that Viola Davis was the dominant star of the movie, not Denzel. This was a surprise to me because I first fell in love with Denzel Washington as an actor in 1990 when he stared as Bleek Gilliam in Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues. My love affair with him continued with Mississippi Masala, Malcom X, The Hurricane, The Great Debaters, etc.

Denzel did an excellent job directing the film and playing Troy Maxson, but Viola was phenomenal as Rose Maxson! She totally personified the character. She made you feel the depth of her pain in the ‘What about my Life?’ scene, here’s a sample from the stage play

When you leave the film, you yearn for happier days for Rose Maxson.

I’m ready to see the film again! It was just that good.


Clarene Mitchell

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