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First Impression: The Lacie 1TB External USB Hard Disk

The Lacie 1TB External USB Hard Disk
The Lacie 1TB External USB Hard Disk

I bought the Lacie 1TB External USB Hard Disk to serve as an external hard disk for my MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop, mainly to use as a scratch disk for Final Cut Express. My main concern before buying the drive was if the USB connection would be fast enough to serve that purpose.

The first thing I noticed after unpacking the drive is that the power cord and USB cable were not as long as I had hoped. I had to place the drive a very short distance from my MacBook Pro, and also move the power strip closer to the laptop.

The drive itself is shiny black, and light and sleek. After connecting it to my laptop, the drive free disk space first read approx. 650 gb, but after formatting the drive for the Mac, using the pre-installed software, the free disk space increased to a little over 930 gb.

Next, I updated Final Cut Express to use the Lacie external drive for the scratch disk. I am fairly new to FCE, so I don’t currently have a very heavy video editing requirement. With that said, after a day of rendering several 3-4 minute video clips, I am happy to report that the drive has worked without incident, and, so far, I am happy with its performance. If anything notable happens with this drive in the future, I will report it on this site.



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