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Global Girl™ Introduces Innovative Collection of Ethnically Diverse, Educational Play Dolls and Children’s Books

Global Girl Launches Innovative Collection of Ethnically Diverse Dolls and Books. (PRNewsFoto/Three Daughters International)

NEW YORK April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Three Daughters International, LLC, announces the launch of Global Girl™ line of dolls, a collection of ethnically diverse dolls and companion books that provide young girls with a window into modern day cultures through play and reading. With its mission, “to inspire and teach girls about cultures from around the world, open girls’ minds to the diverse world in which they live, and spark a natural curiosity about their peers in other countries around the globe,” Global Girl dolls and books introduce a world of fun, inspiring and stylish girls.

“We believe the most natural way to promote and teach a global perspective is to pique our children’s natural curiosity in the world around them via play and reading. The Global Girl doll brand provides a unique experience that will foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of different cultures and traditions that will better prepare children for the future. Children are primed with a sense of wonder and endless possibility that should be nurtured through thoughtful toys,” says Kimberly Briner Conrad, Brand Marketing and Development Consultant, Global Girl.

The launch collection of six ethnically diverse, 21-inch play dolls includes:

  • Vivienne™ from France
  • Amahle™ from South Africa
  • Tiffany™ from the United States
  • Marcela™ from Argentina
  • Tatiana™ from Russia
  • Mei Ling™ from China

To capture the authentic facial details of an 8- to 10-year-old girl from each respective country, each doll was created with its own face mold. The interior of each doll is constructed with a soft body and specially designed framework, allowing each Global Girl doll to sit up, stand up on its own and pose in hundreds of positions. The arms, legs and breastplate are individual sculpts, making the dolls incredibly detailed and life-like. Each Global Girl doll comes with pierced ears and beautiful earrings and is dressed in fashion-forward, on-trend ensembles to capture the passion for fashion their future owners share. A considerable amount of time was spent crafting the exterior and interior of all six dolls, making them proprietary to the Global Girl brand.

To enhance the educational aspect, each Global Girl doll has a companion fictional book (sold separately) that takes children on a journey with each doll character in her respective country. Every book features a fun, culturally relevant fictional story that has been beautifully illustrated, and a special non-fiction back of book which will teach children words in the different languages, facts about the culture, landmarks and monuments, as well as currency, cultural celebrations, and a brief history of the country.

Global Girl dolls retail for $89.99 each. Global Girl books, sold separately, are paperback and retail for $9.95. The dolls and books can be purchased for pre-sale exclusively online at starting May 1st, 2014.

SOURCE Three Daughters International, LLC



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