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Installed Google Drive on MacBook Pro – Parallels || Windows XP

icon-Google-DriveI installed Google Drive on the Parallels || Windows XP part of my MacBook Pro, as a part of my efforts to further embrace and utilize the cloud. Now, I have Google Drive installed on both the OS X and Windows XP sides of my Mac.

I installed Drive on the Windows side primarily because I still find it more convenient to use Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004, Dreamweaver and other older Windows programs over some of the newer Mac applications.  Also, on Drive, I tend to organize files by which home network computer they used to reside on.

Now, on Google Drive, I have two primary folders for my MacBook Pro – OSX and Windows XP, with the files synced with the corresponding Mac location. Before I installed Google Drive on Parallels || Windows XP, anything I created with Windows programs just stayed there.



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