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Installed Parallels 8 On My MacBook Pro

parallelswinxpI installed Parallels 8 on my MacBook Pro last week, after deciding to purchase it from, after they priced it at 75% off, following the introduction of Parallels 9.

I’ve had my MacBook Pro since 2009, and, at the time I purchased it, I had only used various versions of Windows on PCs. Though the MacBook Pro has grown to be my favorite computer, I still find myself using my older PCs for Windows programs that I still use regularly.

Before the internet became so ubiquitous, I used my PCs heavily for desktop publishing, and, as interment use grew in popularity, I began to move to web development software.

A lot of the old Windows programs that I am familiar with, such as CoreDraw 9, Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop still work fine for my needs, so I finally decided to start running Windows on my Mac, and I chose to use Parallels after reading about some of the features and benefits of the program.

The installation went smoothly, and I encountered no problems.  I am currently using OSX version 10.68, and, to install Windows, I just inserted the Parallels CD, followed the instructions, and inserted my Windows CD, when prompted (Windows XP, service Pack 2).

I chose the default installation option to run Windows programs along side Mac programs.

To start Parallels, you click the Parallels icon on your Mac Desktop. Once Parallels is running, you access your version of Windows by right clicking on the Parallels icon, two parallel red lines, on the right-hand side of your your Menu Bar.

I am still exploring the program, and, so far, I have had no problems installing any of my Windows software.  The only problem I have encountered is that my Macromedia Studio MX programs (Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash) all open very slowly.  I takes about 30 seconds for any of them to appear on the screen.  Once started, however, they work fine.

Now, with my MacBook Pro having the fastest connection speed with Google Fiber, I can have the convenience of working with my older Windows programs, while utilizing the power and speed of the MacBook Pro and Google Fiber.

Installed Parallels 8 On My MacBook Pro


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