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MacBook Pro: Positive Experience with Parallels Desktop 10 Upgrade

parallelswinxpI had not planned to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Yosemite 10.10.1 this week.  I was perfectly happy with 10.68 Snow Leopard.

Then, one day, an outstanding offer appeared on my Twitter time-line.  Buy Parallels for 78.00 and receive 5 or 6 extra software apps free, or something like that.  The main app that caught my attention was Camtasia for Mac, a screen recording & video editing application.  I used to use Macromedia Captivate for that purpose in Windows, but never really looked into a current Mac equivalent.

Still, I already had Parallels version 8 installed, and I did not see anything about an upgrade price, so I just kept scrolling though my time-line.  Later that evening, when I activated Parallels on the Mac, the same offer appeared in the normal Parallels 10 upgrade box.  The upgrade price was $49.00, and it included the following software apps at no charge:

That offer was enough to motivate me to upgrade to Yosemite now rather than at some distant point in the future.  I knew that Yosemite was a requirement for Parallels 10, and, since Yosemite was currently a free upgrade, there was no reason not to take advantage of the offer now.

What motivated me to write this post, however, was my positive Parallels upgrade purchase  and installation experience.  Everything was exactly as described.  After my online purchase using Pay Pal, I was directed to a screen that had Parallels, along with all the free apps listed, with a product key, if required, and also a download url.

At the app download url, there were no hoops or hassle – just the  software download.  I downloaded all of the apps directly after buying the upgrade, because I didn’t know how long the download screen would be available.  I then saved the serial numbers to a text file on my Mac desktop.

After I upgraded my Mac to Yosemite, I installed Parallels 10 without incident.  Now, I’m enjoying the same benefit of having my Windows XP environment available on my Mac as I did with Parallels 8, while exploring some of the new Parallels 10 features on Yosemite.  I’ve yet to install any of the free apps, but, because of the positive experience I’ve had so far, I’m not expecting any problems.  If I run into any I will post them here!

My main purpose for writing this post is to share my positive experience with anyone else who is considering the Parallels 10 upgrade offer,  but may be hesitant about it.

MacBook Pro: Positive Experience with Parallels Desktop 10 Upgrade


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