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My Visit to Google Fiber Space

I was excited about the two Kansas Cities being selected as the pilot cities for Google Fiber before visiting Google Fiber Space, and, I did not think it was possible, but I am even more excited about being on the list to receive Google Fiber after visiting Google Fiber Space.

Google Fiber Space is located at 1814 Westport Road, in Kansas City, MO.

Upon entering Google Fiber Space, while discussing Google Fiber with one of the representatives, I mentioned that I had read where some people who had signed up for Google Fiber already had access to a terabyte of storage on their Goolge Drive, and that I did not.

While we were talking, she was able to initiate a conversation with another Google representative at a remote location, using Google Chat on a Chromebook, who said that he would investigate why I did not have access to the full storage amount, and would e-mail me with an answer. My visit to Google Fiber Space was already getting off to an impressive start, and I had just walked in.

A note on the Google Chromebook. I was able to use it a bit during the chat, and also later during my visit, and I have to say that it had a much sturdier feel than I expected. After using the Chromebook throughout Google Fiber Space, I think I may order one as an option later on.

The Google Fiber Space itself is set up so that you can view Google Fiber TV first-hand on flat screen TVs and also explore the features, while the Google representative answers your questions. You can also explore the speed of Google Fiber on on your own, using Google Chromebooks.

I learned a lot during my visit to Google Fiber Space, and I plan to visit again in the future.



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