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Preparing An Old Gateway Computer for Google Fiber

I have an old Gateway FLEXATXPRN 930 MHz computer, from 2001, that had a lot of programs installed on it that I no longer used, like Microsoft Office 2000, LapLink, AOL, etc.

When I originally installed the software, I had all the programs configured to start automatically with Windows, which took up a good part of the 384 MB of RAM.

Prior to Google Fiber, I did not use the computer much on the net, and now, with GF, I decided to start using it online more, but found the memory use from all programs preventing me from getting the benefit of the speed provided by GF.

Since I still have the disks and CDs for the all of the software installed on the computer,  rather than just removing the programs from the Windows startup tray, I decided to totally reformat the hard drive and erase everything.

After erasing the hard drive, I reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition, with Service Pack 2, and only installed three programs: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and ClamWin Free AntiVirus.

This desktop computer is hooked up to a Linksys 10/100 hub, and is connected to a Google Fiber TV box, rather than to the Network box, so the connection speed is about 36 mbps download and 30 mbps upload.

Now, I plan to use the computer more with online applications, rather than software installed on the computer.



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