Ralph Lauren Dressing Rooms Smarter Than Most


Many people are familiar with the concept of smart homes and the impact technology will have on our future lives. The idea of the internet of things is that any device can be connected to the internet. How will this change the fashion world? Ralph Lauren dressing rooms are an exciting example!

Ralph Lauren is currently testing technology in the dressing room of all places! Using a mirror with internet connection, someone can adjust lighting in the dressing room to daytime, evening, or even different scenery like an aquarium background. This feature helps someone trying on an outfit to see what it would be like at a specific location. It’s helpful if someone is buying something special for a particular event, for example a formal dinner at an aquarium, a shopper can look at how the suit or dress will coordinate with the lighting.

The technology in the mirror can also read the labels of the items you brought in to try on. Using radio frequency, the mirror knows once you step in the fitting room exactly what clothing you intend to try on. Want outfit suggestions? The mirror does that too! Let’s say you brought in a olive green leather jacket, what top or sweater would coordinate with it? A few clicks on the mirror can tell you!

What else can this mirror do? If a shopper needs help, with just a few clicks on the mirror, a shopper can send a notification to alert a sales associate to bring a new size or different color. After submitting help on the mirror, a sales associate will get notified on an iPad and be able to assist as needed. You can select the color or size you want, the mirror already knows what clothing pieces you have in the fitting room! Simply select which clothing item you want a new size or color in.

I think of this as the attendee help button on airplanes. With just one click, a flight attendant walks over to your exact row and can help you with what you need.

Personally, Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite brands. I haven’t been yet, but I plan on going next weekend to check out these smart dressing rooms for myself!

How do you feel about smart dressing rooms? Have you tried Ralph Lauren’s new mirror yet? Be sure to go by a store before the test ends so you can see how it works!

Let me know your experience in a comment below.


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