Rosewood Season Finale Recap

Tonight was the season finale of Rosewood. And I was not disappointed because it was good. If you missed it, don’t worry. Here’s a recap of this action packed episode.

· Villa’s brother Marcos apologizes to Rosie for punching him.

· Villa and Rosie investigate a jewelry store robbery that uses a stolen corpse (of a robber) to divert attention from the crime.

· They find one of the thieves dead in his apartment.

· Rosie and Villa embrace in a more than friendly hug with each other as they find out where some of the thieves have been hiding.

· Adrian wants the West Coast position of the Magic City Lab because the death of his parents is too much for him.

· Villa finds out Marcos is involved in the robbery ring.

· Villa, Slade, Hornstock and Rosie get involved in an intense shootout with the thieves (Hornstock gets shot in the hand and Rosie gets a gun put to his head until Marcos shoots the gunman).

· Villa chases after Marcos and tries to talk him down, but she ends up letting him escape (she loses her badge as a result).

· Pippy and TMI finally tell everyone that they eloped.

· Villa tells Rosie that she’s going with Adrian to the West Coast.

· Just when she’s about to leave, Rosie slowly opens his mouth to tell her he loves her and the show ends.

What a way to leave us hanging Rosewood writers. Can’t wait until next season to see how everything turns out.


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