Solved – Newspaper Theme 7x Set Up Footer Area Like Demo


Problem: Set up footer area like the demo footer below: What is the source of the Editor Picks, Popular Posts and Popular Category?

Solution: This is what worked for me, and it may not be the official way to achieve the look.

The content of the 3 columns, and other info, is determined by the Footer Template you select in Theme Panel | Footer. The look above is the default Style 1

In default style 1, the 2nd and 3rd columns are pre-populated with Popular Posts and Popular Category. The first column has the EDITOR PICKS Title, with no content. I will leave that part for last.

  • To set up the logo at the beginning of the second row, I copied my main site logo and changed the text from black to white, and then uploaded it to the media manager. Then, I went to Theme Panel | Footer | Footer info content, and selected the new logo.
  • The ABOUT US information is retrieved from the text you enter in the “Footer Text” area, and the FOLLOW US social media icons are generated from the info you enter in: Theme Panel | SOCIAL NETWORKS.

Steps to populate the EDITOR PICKS column

To populate the first column with Editor’s Picks, I created a post category named “Editors Picks”. Then, I selected 3 posts for the Editors Picks Category.

Next, I went to the widgets section, and this is the important part. In the widgets section, you will see widgets for [tagDiv] Block 1 through [tagDiv] Block 25 . At first I thought they were all the same, but they are not. Each one represents a different layout.

A link to a visual of the different layouts follows:

[tagDiv] Block 7 will give you the layout you can use for the Editor Pick column. Configure that widget to use your Editors Pick category, erase the title, and you are all set up!


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