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It’s 2016. We have cars that drive and park themselves. Fridges that can order food and have it delivered to our doorstep. And drones delivering online goods to wherever we are, all within a few clicks. Technology is everywhere and it certainly is an active part of daily life, from communication to grocery shopping.


Do you remember the movie Clueless? My favorite scene is when Cher is picking her outfit for the day with a rotating closet and wardrobe selections on a keypad. The technology that made Cher’s fashion decisions organized and easy is available today in an iTunes application called Stylebook. Stylebook is an application used to organize and manage your closet, putting your wardrobe in one digital collection. Stylebook is available for iPhone and iPad, and the capabilities are pretty sweet!

How can you style up with Stylebook?

1 Add clothing items and accessories from your closet to have your entire wardrobe in the palm of your hand.

2 Plan out outfits and save them to the calendar.

3 Organize and plan what to pack for different trips.

4 Save inspiration from blogs, fashion shows, cookbooks and celebrities – all in one place!

5 Keep track of your measurements and sizes.

6 Monitor the value of items in your wardrobe.

7 Track the items you wear most and least frequently.

8 Use tips from the style guide and learn how to care for different fabrics.

9 Create wish lists with clothing and accessory items you want.

10 Easily shop based on an item description, store or brand.


I must admit I haven’t been able to take photos of every single item in my wardrobe (not yet!) and add them into this app, but from what I have added – I love it!

Some of my friends and family call me the queen of organization because I love order and planning ahead. This application is perfect for every fashionista that has to see what she has in order to remember it all! Hey, having a lot of clothes is necessary to have options – and Stylebook makes it fun and simple to stay organized digitally with your wardrobe.


All photos are from Stylebook!

How do you organize and manage your wardrobe? Tell me in a comment below!


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