The Dating Game

We have all heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and I believe this same phrase should be applied to the number of dating partners that a person should have. Now before you give me the “side eye” I’m not saying that you should have sex with everyone that you date but I do think that it is okay to casually date several people at one time.

I will use a personal experience as an example. A few years ago when I was in school I was casually dating a guy and I started developing strong feelings for him. He was the only guy that I was dating at the time but he on the other hand was dating other women. He ended up pursuing a relationship with one of the other females that he was dating which led to me getting hurt. Now I couldn’t be upset with him because I knew he was dating other people. My mistake was not clearly relaying to him my feelings and what my future relationship goals were.

When I asked other men and women about this topic it seemed as though the views from both sexes slightly differed. Most men who said they were seriously pursuing a woman said they usually tried to date one woman at a time because dating tended to get pretty expensive. As a female I never looked at dating from a man’s point of view. Most men pay for the expenses as far as going to a movie and out to dinner so I could see how that would add up for a man dating more than one woman. To solve that problem people who are dating could opt for free events like day festivals or even try going to a park to just talk. Women on the other hand seemed to be more open to dating more than one person as long as sex wasn’t involved for each partner that they dated.

I think as far as dating goes as long as the walls of communication are open between both people and everyone is honest and upfront about their intentions, dating multiple people is perfectly fine.

Written by: Amy Nicole of The Double Scoop

The Double Scoop

Twin sisters and Mississippi natives Ashley E. and Amy Nicole decided they didn’t want to settle for working an unfulfilling 8 to 5 job for the rest of their lives so they set out on a journey to pursue their passions. They combined their writing talents and love for music and film which resulted in the creation of “The Double Scoop.”

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