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The Google Nexus 7: A Matter of Convenience

After having the Nexus 7 that came with my Google Fiber installation for about 2 months, I’m finally starting to explore its capabilities.

Until this weekend, the most I have ever used it for was to watch YouTube videos, see how my sites looked on a mobile device and to occasionally use it as a remote for Google Fiber.

This weekend, I installed an app for the first time and was pleased with how smoothly that went. That may be old hat to a lot of people, but I have never felt the need to purchase, or use a tablet before, so I am really glad the Nexus 7 came with Google Fiber, so I can explore the capabilities first hand.

A convenient feature I used tonight was the ability to tune into local TV channels. I wanted to watch one of my favorite TV shows, The Amazing Race, but I also wanted to finish some updates to my website, and did not want to move.

I remembered the demo from Google Fiber Space and decided to try watching the Amazing Race on the Nexus 7, while working on my site.

Changing the viewing setting from TV to the tablet was very intuitive, and I was impressed with the picture quality. To me, the experience was as good as watching it on a regular TV, which surprised me. The size didn’t detract from the viewing experience for me, and I didn’t really think about the size of the screen during the program.

One thing the experience prompted me to consider, however, is buying a stand, and also a case. During particularly exciting parts of the race, I found myself picking it up and tilting it. Having a stand where I could prop it up next to my laptop would be perfect!

So far, this previously non-tablet using person is impressed! I like convenience and practicality.



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