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The MacBook Pro and the Netgear DG834G Wireless Modem Router

netgear_dg834g_router_470The MacBook Pro 13 Inch Laptop, running OSX Leopard, IS compatible with the Netgear DG834G Wireless Modem Router, when connected wirelessly or by using Ethernet cables in conjunction with 85 MBPS Wall-Plugged Ethernet Adapters.

When I first purchased the MacBook Pro, I connected it to my home network via Ethernet cable. All of my Windows shared computers showed up in the finder immediately, and I was also able to open a Safari window to the internet instantly with no problem.

Connecting to the home network wirelessly was also just about as effortless. When I enabled the wireless feature on the DG834G, and opened System Preferences on the MacBook Pro Dock , followed by Network, the MacBook Airport automatically detected all of the wireless networks in my area. I selected my home network from the list, chose the security encryption (WPA-PSK on the router translates to WPA Personal in Airport) , entered the password, and was instantly connected. Also, all of the shared PCs on the network showed up in the finder.

It should be noted that that network share is only one way, in that the other PCs are visble on the Mac, but the Mac is not visible on the other PCs, or at least I have not discovered how to share the Mac in Windows at this point.

So, along with being a great laptop for photography related purposes, the MacBook Pro can also share images and other files with PCs on a home network.



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