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Upgraded MacBook Pro from OSX Leopard 10.58 to Snow Leopard 10.68

mbp_open800600Since I was eventually going to have to upgrade my MacBook Pro OSX 10.58 Leopard to at least Snow Leopard to sync with my Google Drive, I decided to go on and do it now, just in case there was a price increase later.

I called The Apple Online Store a few days ago, and placed an order for the upgrade. It was a quick process with no problems, and the representative said I should receive the upgrade DVD in a few days.

After having received the upgrade in the promised time, today I upgraded my MacBook Pro laptop from Leopard OSX 10.58 to Snow Leopard 10.68. Prior to upgrading, I backed up my laptop hard drive to my Lacie 1 TB external hard disk, using the OSX Time Machine.

The upgrade took approx. 50 minutes and went smoothly.

Once the upgrade was complete, I downloaded and installed the Mac Google Drive sync program with no problems. Now, I can experiment with uploading and organizing small files from my Mac, so I will have an idea of how I want to utilize Google Drive after I have Google Fiber installed.



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