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Using Google Drive for the First Time with Google Fiber

icon-Google-DriveUntil today, I had only experimented with moving a few files between my MacBook Pro and Google Drive here and there, but now that I have Google Fiber, I wanted to begin exploring the possibilities with Google Fiber and my Mac.

I use my Mac and Nikon D40 camera for time-lapse photography, and I have a few thousand time-lapse photos stored on my Mac, along with photos I have taken for my websites.

In late 2012, I downloaded and installed the Google Drive for Mac, and today I started moving folders of  photos to the local Mac Google Drive folder.  At first, I thought it was as easy as that, until I realized that you first need to log into the Google Drive Application, located at the top right-hand side of the screen.

After I logged in, the synchronization process started automatically, with all of the local folders and sub-folders being recreated on the cloud Google Drive first, followed by the actual images.  I could see that, even with Google Fiber, it would not be an instantaneous process, so I left the computer for probably about a half-hour, and it was finished when I returned.  My Mac was connected directly to the Google Fiber Network Box for the synchronization. (Speed Test)

Once all of the local photos were uploaded to the cloud Goolge Drive, I moved them out of the Google Drive local folder, leaving it empty and ready for the next round of transfers.

One thing I found handy about the Google Drive is that it is good for organizing. It is a snap moving folders containing a few hundred photos to different locations.  That pretty much sums up my first experience using the Google Drive with Google Fiber.



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